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Spa & Massage

Enjoy the spa and massage that is available in our Hotel for our guests. Massage helps in detoxifying and provides your body more relaxation.


Family Restaurant

The restaurant in our hotel has almost all type of cuisines available and is best for families so that they can enjoy their dinners without any problem.


Swimming pool

The swimming pool available in our hotel will make your stay more relaxing. The water is cleaned everyday and proper hygiene is maintained.



Be it morning tea or evening coffee, or snacks for your free time, we have everything in our cafe available for you.


Marriage Garden

If you are looking for a garden for marriage and some rooms where your guests can stay, then we can provide you both services as we have rooms in our hotel and a great marriage garden too.

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Event Venue

Be it a big event or a smaller event, we can take care of all the events. Our staff is well prepared and can take care of all type of events and we also have the necessary space and amenities.



If you come with your own vehicle then finding a good parking spot won't be a problem for you as we have a parking space where all our guests can easily park their vehicles without any tension.


Hi-Lounge Discotheque

Hi-Lounge Discotheque in the hotel has a great music system and a large variety of songs which can make your partying more joyful.